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The internet in its current form was developed in the 1990’s by computer guru Tim Berners- Lee, as the World Wide Web. It quickly revolutionised global culture and technology as we then knew it.

The internet completely changed the use of computers and communication almost instantly and by its nature continues to change the ways in which its used. The internet’s influence on society has sunk deeper and deeper as more people use the internet in some form for business and social activities. 

The internet brought the introduction of email, video calling, instant messaging, forums, chatroom's, blogs, online shopping and social networking.

Each platform has developed and grown with excessive speed and with the progression of smart phones and their capabilities we have the entire internet in the palm of our hands. Thishas meant that our lives have boundless accessibility. Any-time, any-where for any-thing. 

Not just for shopping and a basic search tool, the internet has facilitated the reunion of families and re-connected previously severed connections that may have been nigh on impossible to do without the internet. 

Auntie Janet who lives half way around the world, can now watch your children group up because of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and E-mail. You can keep in touch with friends and family no matter the geographical space that divides you. Within minutes you can see the faces of the people you miss. You can even arrange a wedding in another country entirely via email - your guests can attend the wedding from around the world via video link!

Undoubtedly, one the of most popular uses for the internet in modern living is social media. The humble beginnings of social media started in the early 2000’s and as it grew in popularity new platforms sprang on to the scene.  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook now lead the way and have a wide range of users and purposes. Proving a popular choice for celebrities as-well as us regular folk, now businesses are using social media to increase their reach, increase sales and engage with their all-important customers.

Whether it be for business marketing, E- commerce or just general day to day communication the internet has enabled us to act quicker, reach further and think outside the box. We are able to break the boundaries formally cemented in place by lack of information or accessibility. 

“The future of advertising is the internet” - Bill Gates. 

Have you ever considered how something as simple as buying a new household appliance, for example, can now be done with more ease and confidence thanks to the internet? You can source the best deal and read real reviews on the products, as-well as checking stock, paying for it and arranging delivery; all from the comfort of your own living room.

And how about in business? Your products or services can now be marketed as far as you want to offer them, communication with customers is quicker and more effective than ever. A range of platforms are available from which you can advertise or make sales.  Online banking means transactions are smoother and quicker- no more waiting for a cheque sent in the post!

Looking back at how quickly the invention of the internet has become an integral part of our lives, it is impossible to say where it is headed. However, we can see how important it is to keep up with the pace to achieve maximum productivity from the use of the internet and not get left in the technological dark ages. And when we appreciate how much easier so many aspects of our lives have become, and how much more interaction we can enjoy with those whom it may not have otherwise been possible without the internet- it certainly is exciting to think about what might be just around the corner. 

“In fact, technology has been the story of human progress from as long back as we know. In 100 years people will look back and say, ‘That was the Internet Age.’ And computers will be seen as a mere ingredient to the Internet Age." - Reed Hastings

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