What is Content Marketing?

Updated: Feb 2

Content marketing is the creation, publication, and distribution of content to an online audience.

It can be used to attract the attention of a targeted audience and generating leads. Content marketing attracts potential clients or customers by providing free valuable content and becoming an authority in that industry. This helps to increase brand awareness and build trust so that the audience can be converted to a paying client or customer. It is an alternative to direct sales techniques that rely on converting cold leads that can be direct and pushy. Content marketing builds a steady and reliable relationship with the audience, based on trust and loyalty. Customers want to feel in control and do not want to feel ‘sold too’.

Adding value for free to a potential client or customer is a non-invasive way of letting them know about your business... and guess what guys - it works!

Content marketing can be used to expand a customer base, increase online sales, or increase brand awareness and the type of content that will work towards achieving these goals will vary. Using story-telling techniques (our fave), being raw and unique are fairly modern themes for marketing that some businesses struggle with however the ability to open up to your potential customers makes them feel like they are buying more than just a faceless product as they buy into your business’ story and values.

Content marketing needs to also have a heavy focus on the customer's needs and pain points.

What problems do your products or services solve for your customer? When you have identified those pain points you can present information and add value to the customer's experience with you. There are a wide range of ways to provide this information: including:

Case studies


Step-by-step guides


Videos and blogs.

Knowing the right type of format to use is based on the type of information you are giving and knowing the demographic of your perfect customer.

“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.”

Content marketing should be a long-term commitment if you intend to be of influence. Before rolling out any format of content marketing you should outline a strategy and create content that covers a range of content pillars.

Remember that adding value is key and try to be unique, although taking inspiration from competitors will help if you struggle for ideas.

Value can come in a range of shapes and forms so don’t panic if you don’t have a freebie or mini-training that you can give away. Add value to your audience’s day by keeping your account uplifting, positive or humorous, an account that makes someone smile will always be received positively. Remember to bring it back to your business though or that feeling is soon forgotten. Very few businesses have zero competitors so what makes your business different from the rest, what sets you apart from the rest?

The answer is very often simply, you.

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