Updated: Nov 26, 2020

TikTok for business? Are you sure? 

Come on, who’s had a go at creating aTikTokvideo recently? 

As quickly as it is being downloaded, marketers are looking for ways to use it for campaigns. 

The audience most captivated by TikTok is a younger one, with the biggest stars aged 15-25. The platform is uploaded videos from between 10 and 60 seconds long with content like lip-syncing, dance routines and humorous ditties. Longer videos can be uploaded if they were created outside of the app. As with most social media platforms, there is a range of music, filters and editing tools that can help to personalise the videos. 

To use TikTok for a business, start by creating a channel for your business and create videos that are relevant to your brand. Influencers can get your content to a wider audience, or you can pay to advertise using the TikTok campaigns. 

Marketing is developing to have a raw and candid feel to it and consumers are engaging with that type of content. Here are five simple ways that TikTok can benefit your marketing campaign.

1. TikTok videos can give drip feed your brand into your audience’s daily life in a modern way. 

2. TikTok videos allow you to give behind the scenes content that humanises your brand. 

3. HashtagChallenges encourage great engagement and they are simple and fun to join in. 

4. Dance challenges are one of the most popular types of videos and can be used to showcase new products or services in a fun way. 

5. With the array of tools to create original content, TikTok provides a unique platform to present your brand differently. 

We often talk about how people buy people. Purely Personal Marketing believe that using TikTok for marketing your business is an excellent opportunity for your audience to get to know your brand and your story in a modern and interesting way. The videos can be saved and used on your other social accounts too which will really give your content a shake-up. Content is all about adding value to your customers day and TikTok videos are the perfect way to get a smile out of your audience which is needed right now more than ever. 

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