What makes up good quality content on Social Media?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Purely Personal Marketing will tell anyone who’ll listen, and those that won't’, that in the world of digital marketing content is king.

Quality content underpins the success of your brand’s digital marketing strategy and with great content, you can create authentic relationships with your audience, increase brand awareness, encourage brand loyalty and create new leads for your business.

So, what is quality content?

Content pillars

It seems like every brand worth knowing about has taken up social media marketing, and quite rightly so. However, this does mean that there is a lot of competition out there.

Understanding your audience is a key part of your creating content and it is wise to remember one segment of your audience may engage with some of your content, others might not bat an eyelid. How then, do you cast a bigger net? By using a combination of different content pillars that will interest the entire span of your following at some point.

Different types of content like quotes, motivational posts, top tips, polls and videos all appeal to different members of your audience so try to mix up your content to keep it interesting.

Quality imagery

Using an image to accompany copy will have a better success rate than copy on posts alone. Genuine images and photographs from your business will perform better than stock images so be sure to collect good quality images to use with your content.

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words and in social media marketing, an interesting picture can be what stops your audience from scrolling past and makes them pay attention. A professional photoshoot can provide the perfect material for a large batch of content.

Try to remember that candid shots make your business seem relatable. Corporate rigidity doesn’t transpire to high-engagement and you want your audience to relate to the personality of your brand.


Videos are one of the most successful forms of content. You do not have to be the next Steven Spielberg to create engaging videos.

Remember many people have their phones muted to try to post them with subtitles or captions where appropriate. Think about mixing up the type of videos you post to keep it interesting and experiment with what works well.

If you want to take your content to the next level, perhaps for a new product or service launch, use a videographer and social media strategist and you can keep the vibe natural and genuine whilst creating successful content.


Content done well engages your audience by getting them emotionally involved with your business. If the engagement with your business is emotive then it is sincere, long-lasting and authentic. This leads to affinity with your brand and brand loyalty.

To create that level of engagement, tell your audience the story of your brand. Give insights to behind the scenes of the brand to increase relatability.

Also, share parts of your brand's story that are inspiring or thought-provoking. Think about the challenges you have overcome, the reasons you started your business and the wins that you are humbled by.

Be consistent

Keep your posts on brand to maintain brand identity. Your brand should be recognisable wherever it is being used. Canva is an excellent way to create branded content and they have beautiful templates to create eye-catching posts.

Make sure you use the same tone of voice across your content and try to stick to similar styles of imagery.

In summary

To create engaging content keep it real. Stay down to earth and create a genuine connection with your audience. Use quality, but candid imagery and create a variety of content that is informative, emotive and useful. And last but not least, when you do get engagement make sure you stay social and comment, like and engage back!

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