Updated: Jul 9, 2020

What is even the point in a website? Well, normally to convert sales. No matter what industry you are in your aim is to create a loyal customer out of an intrigued web-surfer. This isn’t always easy and there are lots of ways to achieve it.  Increasing site traffic and engaging customers with content and deals is the first port of call however, if you want to get some global appeal then you might want to focus on geotargeting.  What the hell is geotargeting?  Geotargeting is the process of gathering data to find out where a customer is located to deliver the content that is specific to that location.  If you tailor your landing pages to the visitor’s location and make your website user-friendly for a customer in any country, you can improve your conversion rate.  So how does one do that? Language Have you ever landed on a website and been asked where you are searching from? You choose your location from a drop-down menu and voila, the website will be translated into the language for that location. The currency for e-commerce sites will be relevant to that location too.  Whilst we talk about currency, do the conversion for your customers There will be nothing more frustrating than having to work out how much an item will cost converted from another currency. Allow users to see the exact costs in their currency to create an internationally friendly and easy-to-use website.  Consider the content Promote the content that is relevant to the location. Websites that get to the desired products faster are the ones that will have higher conversion so promote the suncream first to the warmer climates and put the umbrellas to the top of the list for those located in the UK.  Think about the climate Like the content, think about the climate in the location of your visitors relevant to the time of year. Think about why someone from that location would be visiting your website and show them relevant products for the climate in that location. Promotion timing Public holidays and events and school holidays vary across different locations. Tailor promotions to tie in with location-specific events.  Design The design of your website can also be tailored to the location of the customer. Think about website design elements that might evoke different feelings from people in different areas and different cultures.  Think shipping.  The shipping costs are a big consideration for e-commerce so if you do ship products make sure you show the customer the shipping relevant to their location.  Get in touch with Purely Personal Marketing for more information on how our expertise and creativeness can help your business reach more customers.   For information on Social Media Marketing, just drop us an email at

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