Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Caption starters are the words you can use to start your caption. 

People scrolling through Instagram only look at the first few words of the caption, so the starter is your chance to get their attention. They will only stop scrolling if the starters interest them. You can use different starters to encourage different responses, like questions which we will come back to that later. 


You hear about this a lot in marketing. A call-to-action on Instagram should go at the end of the caption and they are crucial for businesses. The call- to- action should encourage people to act upon reading the post. Ideas for call-to-action could be CALL NOW, CLICK LINK IN BIO, TAG A FRIEND WHO NEED THIS, FOLLOW US FOR MORE, DM FOR DETAILS. That type of thing. 

Caption questions

The thing with social media is you need to be social. Successful social media marketing is all based on engagement, and what is better for engagement than an old-fashioned chin wag? Well, ok a modern chin wag that takes place on social media, but you get the drift. By asking questions in your Instagram captions you automatically encourage a response = conversation started.


Instagram is a great place for humour. Puns make excellent captions because they are short and to the point, and who doesn’t like short sharp humour?! They will quickly grab the readers’ attention.

We hope these caption ideas help you create some great engaging content for your Instagram. Remember, keep it entertaining and keep it social! 

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