How we've helped our clients

We have been fortunate enough to work with various business sectors from renewable energy suppliers and retail giants to app developers, business mentors and visitor attractions - but - the businesses that get us really inspired are in the hospitality, food and drink businesses and independent retailers. 


Because we're mad about food, fun, travel and shopping. 

The Bedford Arms Hotel

The Bedford Arms Hotel in Chenies wanted to utilise their social media to promote the hotel, events and onsite restaurant. 

We conducted a private training morning with their team and discussed content, how each platform works, and how they can best use the platforms to showcase and promote the hotel. 

We continue to work with the hotel, helping them every month with their SEO.


Elements Boutique Spa

Elements Boutique Spa is an award-winning luxury spa in Somerset and we've been working with them on and off since 2019.


We've supported them with organic social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram, blog writing and Facebook ads. As well as connecting them with influencers and bloggers, guiding them with Instagram and Facebook Lives and offering additional support with visits to the spa to create fresh content.

We have helped increase website visits, enquiries and bookings and purchases, and overall following and engagement rates. 


We have been working with Farm2Fork since autumn 2020, and we're obsessed with their practices and products. 

We were hired to manage their Instagram account, but sales were not a priority for them. Instead, they wanted to tell the tale of life on the farm, so we helped create exactly that.


We took their following from 460 to over 1k in 4 months (organically). 

We visit them regularly, create their content and engage with their customers to encourage them to visit the online shop. 

We also manage their newsletter, which increases their revenue every month, and we support them with additional copywriting.


The Collection

The Collection came to us for support with Facebook and Instagram Ads. 

We researched the market, created broad but highly targetted audiences and then set up various ads to target those audiences on Facebook and Instagram. 

This increased their brand awareness and drove traffic to their website, which we then re-targeted with conversion ads.

Union Street Brasserie

We have been supporting Union Street Brasserie in Somerset before they even opened their doors and since the doors opened in 2018, they have been booked out solidly. 

How do we get those results?

We create a buzz on their social media and engaged with their audience regularly to encourage bookings for private events and special occasions and general visits.


We also support them with social media ads, event promotion and by running competitions on their social media. 



We love working with V&You and fully get behind their brand, their values and their product. 

We support V&You with organic social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram and regularly update their Pinterest account. 

Since working with them, we have upped their website visits, helped to increase their sales, cultivated and engaged their audience and more than doubled their following. 

We give them further support by connecting them with influencers and bloggers, arranging photoshoots and creating out of the box, real-life content. 

Steve James Ltd

Steve James approached us for support with his social media. As a multi-award winning chef, he knew that he needed to stand out locally and nationally on Facebook and Instagram. 

We worked with Steve for several years and more than doubled his social media following and supported him with marketing his events, pop-up restaurants, and private hire service. We connected him with various influencers who widened his audience, and all of these things combined meant that his events were sold out, bookings were coming in, and he was booked up privately months in advance. 

We then supported his new venture, an on-site farm shop and got his following to over 1k in less than 5 months.

We also supported Steve and the farm shop with a monthly newsletter, website design for the venue, videography and business support.

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